About us

Established in 1998 as a rep agency - mainly representing illustrators and graphic designers - Shop Around developed over the years into a creative production agency that specializes in contemporary illustration, graphic design, animation, motion graphics and interactive design.

Shop Around is based in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. From here we co-ordinate all our projects and hold strong contacts with our network of about 80 freelancers. We are continuously on the lookout for up-and-coming talent to foster. And strive to bring new artists to market. Our aim is to give a broad overview of 'what is happening' to advertising agencies, publishers, TV companies, record companies and direct accounts (companies not working with advertising agencies). We pride ourselves in being able to offer unparalleled expertise and experience managing complex briefs and tight deadlines for our clients.

We are always interested in seeing the work of talented (international) new artists who wish to be represented by Shop Around. We love to work with young talents and are continuously looking for new high potentials. So if you would like to show us your portfolio, please send an email to bert@shop-around.nl.



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