Project: series of illustrations for packaging design, animations, website and print
Client: Spin Master Ltd. (Los Angeles)
Illustration: Mark Verhaagen
Production: Esther v/d Berg (Shop Around New York)

Creative production agency Shop Around teams up with Spin Master to release New Line of Girls toys
Spin Master, North America’s third largest toy company teamed up with Shop Around illustrator Mark Verhaagen to deliver a new line of Girls toys: Zoobles.

Spin Master’s “Zoobles”, for which Mark Verhaagen developed the packaging character design, can easily become one of the most popular and recognizable brands for girls in America. It’s the ultimate combination of fun, collectability and tradability. Targeted at girls aged four to ten, Zoobles are little creatures, each with the ability to magically transform from a tiny ball into a cute, mischievous and quirky little creature. Zoobles are colorful spheres that ‘pop’ open into fun and cute characters when placed on their magnetized “Happitat”. `Mark’s signature is clearly recognizable in the more then sixty different Zooble character illustrations which he developed till so far, next to the accompanying world themes. Based on the recent worldwide success of Spin Master’s magnetized transforming Bakugan characters, Zoobles are expected to be the breakout collectable hit with young girls in 2011. An ongoing series of Zoobles has been released in the USA beginning August 1, 2010. Its European launch is on track for January 2011.




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