SpangaS website awarded twice!


'Beeld en Geluid award' for the overall SpangaS-project and 'De Gouden @penstaart' for the SpangaS-website.

In September 2007 the SpangaS website, for which the concept came from Shop Around and DC, was launched together with the first episode of the new daily tv-series.
Not only did the NCRV series turn out to be a big hit under the Dutch youth, also the website turned out to be very populair with 60.000 visitors a week.
On the website the SpangaS-fans are able to create their own calendar and post messages not only in calendars of their friends, but also in the calendars of the main SpangaS-characters. At the moment you'll find about 75.000 calendars on the website.
Besides posting messages, kids can upload pictures, enter competitions, play games etc. etc.

Now, SpangaS is awarded with two prices!

This is what the jury of 'De Gouden @penstaart' had to say about it:
" The SpangaS website offers a large variety of activities to the visitors. The jury praises the creative and interactive way in which the website relates to the accompanying TV-series. The messages kids post to the SpangaS-characters are actually answered and visitors can click through pages endlessly, go through calendars, create a personal calendar, watch videos and participate in discussions at the forum. The site is designed in a modern and attractive way, without compromising the usability."

Compliments to DC for the designs of the SpangaS-website, school-calendar, books etc.
And a shout out to Mindwarp for technically building the website and making it as user-friendly as possible!




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