JONG 2009 opens March 7th!


Blood, sweat and tears indeed!

We're very tired, but very excited! The JONG 2009 exhibition at the Historic Museum Rotterdam (Schielandshuis) opens next saturday. This week everything is coming together and it looks like it's going to be an amazing show! A giant paper craft toy made by LouLou, a house made of felt by Tummie, huge leaded light windows designed by Cosh, inter-active animations by Han Hoogerbrugge, and many more great installations by our designers Anouk Griffioen,Darrin Umboh, Lennard Schuurmans, Luuk Bode, Transister and last but not least, Sauerkids. Bobby Pola designed the gorilla featured in the teaser which was animated by Zoltan Korai.(check our recent projects at this website)
You'll need an invitation for the opening next saturday at 14.00, but the exhibition will be there for the next 10 months. Make sure not to miss it!

For a little peek behind the scenes, check:



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